Web & Internet Services
Why use PSX for Internet Services? Our customers wanted to hand over their Web & email hosting & backups so that they can spend their work hours efficiently in their business, not wasting time on I.T making sure things are running okay. We can streamline your systems so you don't have to worry about the mundane "I.T Stuff" that goes on in the background. We check our backups and Servers Regularly and have warning systems in place should something not do what it’s supposed to.

Web & email Hosting
Most people think it’s a bit of a minefield to start registering websites and finding hosting for email, web content, DNS forwarding etc etc, and most of the time you would be right. We can take the headache away by managing all of your internet sites, hosting, emails and forwarding on your behalf. All you would need to do to make amendments is a quick call or email and leave the rest to us. Sounds too easy? It is; Web-hosting with PSX.

Offsite Backups 
Every company should be aware of the Data Protection Act especially if you are backing up company data that may have other company's or personal data included. You have an obligation and duty of care to keep this data safe. Are you encrypting your flash drive before you take it home (or leave it in the car?). Maybe it’s time to think about moving to fully automated off-site storage?
Prices have considerably dropped over the last 2 years and we can now store massive amounts of data, fully encrypted without you pressing a button. No changing tapes, no backup reminders. Backup with PSX.

CCTV DNS Configuration
CCTV systems are becoming more and more common, and UK is the most populated country in Europe when it comes to cameras. People like to be able to keep a check on their offices or homes and what better way than live TV. If you need DNS forwarding setting up so that you don't have to type difficult IP addresses every time you want to view them please contact us.