I.T. Solutions

PSX provides business telecoms & I.T Services throughout the UK. We offer a broad range of products tailored to suit individual needs. We supply traditional services combined with new technology to maximise efficiency and savings.

PC Maintenance :
Covering Staffordshire and the surrounding counties & areas for full on-site support, and world-wide for remote support, our aim is to provide an easy, trouble free service and to get your problems resolved as quickly as possible. With our weekly check-ins on your Servers and Networks, we can avoid and prevent problems, viruses and data loss occurring. Our engineers will be on call to assist you in the event of anything catastrophic, especially if you have our 24hour DRP cover.

Network Security :
If you are concerned about internet and your systems' network security, you should be. The statistics on hacking are growing daily and if your systems are not fully secure you could easily be a victim. This could be a simple email worm that gets your company's email domain addresses on the blacklist, or more severe causing loss of data or your databases being sold on the black market. Hacking IS REAL, its everywhere and IS a bonefide business threat. Get checked for free with us, it makes common sense.

...In case you didnt know...there is a Hackers saying - "If it's connected to any network, its "hackable".

Web & Internet :
You may already have hosting for your email or your website & Internet service provider? perhaps through 3 different companies? We can offer a one-stop shop for all of your I.T needs, which can include DNS and email forwarding, hosting Windows (asp) and Linux (php) websites including SSL Websites, shopping carts and Secure FTP/Data download Areas. If all of this sounds slightly foreign, let PSX do the tranlations for you as part of one of our bespoke packagaes. In most scenarios the money we can save companies on their telecoms & webhosting/internet charges actually pay for the I.T support in full. You could say we are giving advice and support away for free!