PSX is a company that has evolved from two traditional technology focused businesses, a telecoms company offering savings on calls, line rentals, mobile phones and broadband, and an I.T. Solutions company that has provided Network Security, Webhosting and PC Maintenance.

The respective Managing Directors of these two companies noticed a definite shift in the way their clients’ needs frequently crossed over into each other’s fields of expertise. A natural progression was to combine over 20 years of telecommunications experience with 20 years of I.T. experience and join forces.  Our combined expertise allows us to provide an easy to understand view on how new technology can help your business and importantly, help identify which bits of that new technology are still not proven and will cause your company pain.

In an ideal world, we will work in the background for you and if we are doing our job correctly, you won’t know we are doing it, though we may call you to tell you how good we are every now and then! We know you want your phones to work 24/7, your emails to land where you want to receive them, be it your smartphone, tablet, pc or all 3 devices simultaneously, and your networks and telephone systems to be secure thanks to our anti-hacking procedures.

We are here to help you get the most out of your communications and I.T. and to ensure you are protected and secure. Not only that, we’ll save you money along the way.