About Us

Who are we?

Our background consists of I.T. & Telecoms Specialists with over 40 years combined experience in the relative industries, and in running our own businesses.

We have in-depth knowledge of IT, Networks and Internet Security, Telecom & Broadband Provisions, Websites & Hosting and much more.

We have Certified Ethical Hackers on-board, that can perform Penetration Testing on your networks and have many years training and experience in other anti-hacking methods & techniques that can aid to upgrade your digital Infrastructures, helping to avoid the risk of compromises and breaches.

We believe our skill-sets are a perfect combination to lead your company and your I.T. Department in the right direction to reduce your IT and Telecom headaches.

Many companies have so many suppliers, they don’t know:

– who provides all of their services
– who to call or contact when there is a problem
– if they pay for services they no longer need (or maybe never did)
– if they are paying for services that they are not getting (or lower quality)
– if they are getting a good deal
– if they are locked into a contract or free to move (but never had their account reviewed)

We can take on-board a lot of these services, at very competitive prices, and bulk discount or even free services for loyal & Contract customers, and if there is a query or a problem, you will have one email address to contact, or one number to call, and one invoice at the end of the month.

One Bill, One Solution…