PSX CoronaVirus Policy

Office Working Hours:

Our operating hours are the same as they were pre-Coronavirus Pandemic (aka “Covid-19”, “COV-19” or “CV-19”).
We accept telephone calls, check emails and action work from around 8am through to about 8pm Mon-Fri. There are no set times for weekends as some weekends we are on-site for installations and commissioning, but we request that during weekends, customers preferably email or message, unless the request is of an urgent nature.

Our contact details:

Tel: 01782 279999
Remote Working:
The quickest, safest, and most preferred method to resolve any issue is with Remote-Desktop-Support (whenever this is possible).  Contact us to arrange for a remote logon session onto your PC, Server or mobile and try to resolve any issues before booking an on-site visit. We use Teamviewer which is fast and secure.



On-site Working:
If you require a technician or engineer on-site, we have all the necessary PPE to visit your site safely. PSX also strictly follow Government Guidelines regarding social distancing, limiting contact with other people, and regularly washing hands or wearing protective gloves and masks when and where necessary. 
Drop-offs – PCs, equipment or Devices:
We have an enclosed reception area with security where you can safely* deliver any devices for us to repair or work on if your business is currently closed, and you are not accepting on-site visits (or you are working from home). 
Collecting PCs/Devices, Stock Items, PCs etc:
We have an enclosed reception area with security where you can safely* collect any devices we have repaired, setup or sourced for you.

*Although our building is regularly cleaned, and door handles etc are wiped down with either anti-bac or alcohol spray, we would still recommend that you wear PPE to reduce your risk and increase your safety.

**NB: If you are struggling to find resources and are concerned about keeping up to date with your account or ongoing fees, Please contact us first to setup a payment plan, rather than promising unrealistic payments, or failing Direct Debit collections as we will have charges imposed upon us for failed DD payment requests.**


Final Thoughts:
Please be considerate of others that may be classified in a more vulnerable group than yourselves.
Stay safe if you can.
We would like to offer a huge thanks to all of the NHS Staff, Care-workers & Key-workers around the Globe, and their hard work under such tiring, dangerous and testing circumstances.
We also would like to thank you, our customers too, for your support and continued business.
Let’s get through this together, so we all have businesses, jobs and work when times return to something that resembles normality, and hopefully have the opportunity to help each other recover best we can.
Jase & The PSX Team